Bluetooth on the Flyboy

Blue tooth is a safety feature on the Flyboy. Since the Flyboy is the original flagship product, a new safety feature has been added to all our models. Bluetooth. But ever since launch we have been repeatedly asked what the Bluetooth is for. Well, from a safety point of view it is bad practice to […]

Self Balancing Scooter Battery Woes

There has been much reporting recently regarding self balancing scooters burning or even exploding. I want to assure you that when we got into this business we did our homework properly. I personally visited China twice in the space of three months and visited at our suppliers factory where I was able to inspect every […]

Get a new skin for your Flyboy

Get a new skin for your Flyboy While the Flyboy is a truly well made product, it is unfortunate that the outer casing takes a beating from time to time. This is the case more particularly with Flyboys that are used outdoors more often and where the kindness of the owner gives learner riders access […]

What is the difference between a Flyboy and a Flyboy XL?

The two machines can be told apart simply by the outward appearance. The main differences include weight, size and shape, carry capacity, motor size and tyres. In addition, the FlyboyXL comes in some artistic finishes like skulls, Graffitti and carbon fiber. So the Flyboy weighs 10 kg and is manageable for a child. The FlyboyXL […]

How to ride a Flyboy?

Many celebrities adopted this gadget immediately, as they associated with it being cool while maintaining your freedom of movement. Justin Bieber and JR Smith uses it, just like many other Hollywood A-listers do. If you have no idea about what a 2 wheel self balancing scooter is, this blog post is going to help you understand […]

Buyer beware, cutting price means cutting corners

Having already signed the sole agency for South Africa and Namibia for the FLYBOYS I visited my supplier, the manufacturers of the Flyboys in China, where I had the most informative visit. When we got into the pricing discussion face to face, I learnt how others manage to undercut their pricing… In doing my research into […]