How to ride a Flyboy?

Many celebrities adopted this gadget immediately, as they associated with it being cool while maintaining your freedom of movement. Justin Bieber and JR Smith uses it, just like many other Hollywood A-listers do.

If you have no idea about what a 2 wheel self balancing scooter is, this blog post is going to help you understand the concept behind this innovative personal transportation device. This scooter resembles very much to a snowboard or a skateboard, the difference being that it is self balancing. It’s a personal transportation device. A streamlined, simplified and hands free version of the Segway.

Many people who have never tried the device are astonished as to how the product works. They often ask if the device is controlled by a remote or a smartphone. In this blog post we will outline every single piece of instruction needed to become a true Flyboy Rider. This can be helpful before you make your purchase, so before we get into the steps, let’s look at how the device works.

How does the Flyboy work?

The Flyboy maintains control by using onboard gyroscopes to balance the rider. Four pressure sensitive sensors, two under each foot, sense any shift in weight distribution and the Flyboy responds accordingly, like magic.

How do I ride the Flyboy?

Glider Baord mini segway hover board image front arrow

If you want to move forward, you would apply pressure to the front of your feet. If you wish to go backwards, you would apply pressure to the heel of you feet. In order to turn left, you would apply pressure to the front of your right foot OR apply pressure to the back of your left foot. In order to turn right, you would apply pressure to the front of your left foot OR apply pressure to the back of your right foot. While, this sounds complicated, it is simple once you are on the device. Keep in mind that turning, while moving forward at speed, is a matter of practice.


The Flyboy can make a 360 turn on the spot.
To turn on the spot, press down gently with the front of one foot while allowing the front of the other foot to lift slightly. Do the opposite to turn the other way.


mini segway hover board instructions

We have created an instructional video specifically for our first time riders:

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