Get a new skin for your Flyboy

Get a new skin for your Flyboy

While the Flyboy is a truly well made product, it is unfortunate that the outer casing takes a beating from time to time. This is the case more particularly with Flyboys that are used outdoors more often and where the kindness of the owner gives learner riders access to the machine. Learners tend to make more mistakes than the owner who after a while seldom causes any new scratches.

But do not be too concerned, you can have your flyboy looking brand new by giving it a new lease on life. At Flyboys we carry all the spare parts for the machine, including brand new covers. That means you can have your Flyboy looking brand new again at any time. And you could opt for a color change, or a mix and match option may catch your eye.

Brand new covers can be purchased from us in sets of four at R999 per set or R250 per single. We offer a free fitment service provided you return the Flyboy to us in the original packaging for safe shipment.

Segway. gliderboard
Flyboy Wrap Ideas

Another option is to WRAP your Flyboy with a cast vinyl wrap instead of replacing the covers. This is an exciting option since it allows you to totally personalize your Flyboy to suit your own personality. Because the vinyl is printed for you from an existing image, the Flyboy takes on the persona completely.

Ideas we have considered are a Flyboy WRAP with snakes and ladders, playing cards, cartoon characters, nuts and bolts, brick paving, rock face or other natural products like a wood grain, the bark of a tree, sea sand or shells, wording like street slang, banknotes, goldfish, textures or whatever floats your boat. There are hundreds of possible texture ideas on the internet that could stir your imagination. Then have the WRAP company print and apply it for you.

The application of the vinyl needs to be professionally done and the design possibilities are limited only by the imagination. We recently had the camouflage design wrapped by GT Graphics in Cape Town. One of our demonstration units had started looking rather shabby and now it looks totally brand new again… and one of a kind.

There are a number of companies that offer the wrap service, we will be listing some here soon. If you know of a business that offers a WRAP service, please get in touch with us!

Below are some images and ideas for WRAPs done by Hannes Thiart

segway, hoverboard, monowheel


  1. Hey,

    to personalize the own scooter is a big step for this maket sehgment. I really enjoy the idea to have a indivisual scooter which not look like all others. Thank you for this comment i will observe this topic for the next day to see what happens there

    Kind regards

  2. Hi… i would like to know this:
    How can i know my board is fully charged??
    How long is the charging time??
    After charged how long is batery life??

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