What is the difference between the Flyboy and the FlyboyXtreme?

From the outside, only the decal will alert you to the fact that the Flyboy differs from the FlyboyXtreme but on the inside it is completely different, both in the physical build and performance. Another thing, the FlyboyXtreme does not have a remote control.

But let’s look more closely;

Any rider that has used both machines will know the difference between the two in terms of power output. The FlyboyXtreme accelerates away and brakes much harder than the standard Flyboy. As a result, it can safely support a rider up to a weight of 120kg whereas the Flyboy is rated up to 100kg only. Never exceed the restrictions.

If for any reason the FlyboyXtreme decal has been removed, you can also tell the difference from the outside by turning the machine on and off. If it can be turned off at the power switch then it is a FlyboyXtreme. The Flyboy will not turn off when you toggle the power switch. You either use the remote or you wait 3 to 10 minutes for the auto off to kick in. Only the standard Flyboy has a remote control.

And you may well ask…. What is the remote control used for? We don’t think that too much thought went into it but the one benefit is that if you carry it with you then you are able to lock the unit so nobody else can use it. When you want to ride, you unlock it with the remote without the need to bend down to find the power switch. However, if you lock it and lose the remote control, you are presented with other problems. We suggest you just leave the remote at home.

That said, the primary use of the remote control is to restore the factory settings to your Flyboy. It can happen, especially if you encounter a very low battery condition, that the memory gets wiped. Don’t panic. First, recharge the battery. There is a short sequence to follow that restores factory settings. Ask us if you need more information, it’s really easy.

What is the difference between the Flyboy and FlyboyXtreme

Because the FlyboyXtreme does not have a remote control the restoration of factory settings involves turning the machine upside down, then on end and following a short routine. Again, get hold of us for the actual detail.

Inside the machine you will also notice differences. The FlyboyXtreme has two rectangular red printed circuit boards, one alongside each motor. Much more technology is packed into those small boards than on the standard Flyboy which has black printed circuit boards in the same position and a large mother board situated on the opposite side to the battery.

Another difference is the battery life. If you have purchased the FlyboyXtreme you probably did so because you read somewhere that it has more power, which is true. But the downside is that battery power is consumed faster than would be the case on the standard Flyboy.

However, it is also true to say that if two riders of the same weight, riding on the same surface on the same day with identical conditions for each, just rode at gentle speed for a longer distance from A to B, the battery would last the same for both. This is because it takes X amount of energy to push a rider along at a constant speed. So in that case the power consumption will be similar for both machines. The difference comes in when standing around and doing ‘tricks’ . Because it feels and looks good to accelerate and brake hard, spin quickly in opposite directions and so on, you will be inclined to ride it like a teenager with a new Golf GTi and THAT is what depletes the battery… not the rolling along at an average pace.

So you can purchase either machine with confidence. Just bear in mind, if you intend going a longer distance be as gentle to your machine as you can. That is what will preserve the battery life. Of course, take your charger with you for longer trips or you will be exercising your arms as you carry your lifeless machine back home. While on the topic….NEVER flatten your battery completely, it will dramatically shorten its life expectancy. A replacement battery will cost you the equivalent of $99.

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