Bluetooth on the Flyboy

Blue tooth is a safety feature on the Flyboy.

Since the Flyboy is the original flagship product, a new safety feature has been added to all our models. Bluetooth.

But ever since launch we have been repeatedly asked what the Bluetooth is for. Well, from a safety point of view it is bad practice to ride the Flyboy with earphones plugged into your ears. So we have a solution…

As you know,  people just can’t bear a moment without music somewhere nearby. So Flyboy have included a Bluetooth coupled with a pair of built in stereo speakers. So if you simply pair your mobile phone to the device you can go cruising in style, without missing a beat of your favorite tunes.

Admittedly the speakers are NOT hi fi quality, and, because they must face downwards, the sound is not great when bouncing off a tiled or similar surface. It sounds way better over carpeting… Bear that in mind.

But it’s your music, and it’s your FLYBOY, so go have some fun!!!

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