Self Balancing Scooter Battery Woes

There has been much reporting recently regarding self balancing scooters burning or even exploding.

I want to assure you that when we got into this business we did our homework properly. I personally visited China twice in the space of three months and visited at our suppliers factory where I was able to inspect every step of production. We are dealing with the finest.

We are aware that the entry level model (the standard Flyboy with six inch wheels)  is being copied and made cheaper and cheaper by certain copycat factories cutting corners and removing certain safety features, fitting half size batteries etc to reduce cost, so we have stayed with the bigger models mostly. At first it seemed to be a disadvantage that we were the most expensive in the country but quality is important and most people appreciate that it simply costs more.

The warnings on CNN and BBC to avoid the cheapest on the market has caused people to think quality, not just price, this now to our advantage.

The truth is 1 in 1 000 000 batteries does catch fire, even in cellphones using Li ion batteries, but the reason it gets reported is because it is indeed so rare. Cars crash and burn every single day but it’s so common it hardly gets any attention. This product is unusual, in demand, newsworthy in its own right, so the media gets hold of it and milks the angle they wish to promote for whatever reason. As a result, even the trusty genuine Segway that has never had a problem can not be imported to certain countries! All tarred with the same brush.

That said, like with any electrical appliance, common sense also helps. So don’t connect your battery charger right below your heavy curtains! Rather charge the battery in the garage, away from flammable things.

We are confident in our supplier and the build quality and ISO certification, CE approval etc.

If you have any questions that remain unanswered call me directly.

Dave D’Aguiar 083 7888 888 


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