Group Buy Information

If you know others that will also enjoy the FLYBOY, you can invite them to join a private discount group. For every member in the group, EACH member will be entitled to an additional R100 discount on the day of purchase provided they all buy on the same day and once you have enough members together. So you have nothing to lose.

How to start

We have created a few groups for you already (to save you the trouble). E-mail @ if you want the details and we will add you into a Discount Group and make you the Administrator.

The Group Page explains how it works. Then just invite (from within the page) all your friends to join and you will all get the collective discount. The idea is to bundle together so you all benefit from the lower price.

So the more people in your group, the more the discount. Your friends who join should ask their friends too, so you get ten members quicker.


The discount will only apply once all the members agree the date for payment and once all have in fact paid.

  • It is the group Administrators responsibility to determine the target purchase date.
  • • You can have more than 10 members but the MAX discount is R1000 per member.
  • You can move the target date at any time.
  • No stock will be sent until all have paid.
  • Do not pay until you have the agreed number in the group.
  • Discounts will apply according to the Table below.
  • Never pay money to another member, only pay to Flyboys when instructed.

How much discount?

2 Buyers: R200 Discount per Flyboy
3 Buyers: R300 Discount per Flyboy
4 Buyers: R400 Discount per Flyboy
5 Buyers: R500 Discount per Flyboy
6 Buyers: R600 Discount per Flyboy
7 Buyers: R700 Discount per Flyboy
8 Buyers: R800 Discount per Flyboy
9 Buyers: R900 Discount per Flyboy
10 or more Buyers: R1000 Discount per Flyboy